Using Perron Rigot Hot Wax and roller wax from Thalgo our therapists will ensure your waxing experience is as quick, thorough and pain free as possible.
Our team are all highly trained and experienced and can advise on aftercare to keep your skin  smooth and silky.
Please be aware if you are using any product which contains Retinol you must refer to the manufacturers warnings before any waxing procedures. Retinol can cause thinning of the skin and may cause adverse reactions especially when waxing facial areas. Please be sure to tell your therapist if you are using any products containing this.

Waxing for Women

Bikini - Standard: sides of bikini£17.00
Bikini - Extended: includes inner leg£21.00
Bikini - G-String: includes lower buttock and lower abdomen£28.00
Bikini - Brazilian£44.00
Bikini - Hollywood: complete removal£46.00
Full leg£33.50
Full leg and standard bikini£45.00
Full leg and extended bikini£48.00
Full leg and G-String bikini£56.50
Full leg and Brazilian bikini£65.50
Full leg and Hollywood bikini£71.50
Lower leg£25.00
Lower leg and standard bikini£41.50
Lower leg and extended bikini£44.50
Lower leg and G-String bikini£46.50
Lower leg and Brazilian bikini£60.00
Lower leg and Hollywood bikini £62.00
Three quarter leg£30.00
Full arm£23.50
Half arm£16.50
Under arm£14.50
Eye brow£13.50-15.50
Lip or chin£11.50
Face (sides)£13.50

An additional £2.00 will be added for Master Therapist Daiva

A deposit of £25.00 is required for any service £100.00 or over

The deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is made after 3.00pm of the day prior to your appointment.
Keratin Complex
Perron Rigot Hot Wax