Thermal Imaging
The Ultimate Early Warning Screening For Disease, Pain & Injury

Thermal Imaging is a harmless, painless, contactless screening tool. It uses a thermal imaging camera and digital infra-red heat map technology to detect potential disease and pinpoint pain and injury sites – often before the symptoms appear. This allows for rapid clinical diagnosis and treatment. Digital Infra-red Technology has been used by the medical industry since the late ‘80’s and is a unique, safe, non-invasive way of looking at the body and how it is functioning. This clinical test is widely used in the USA and Europe and is supported by over 30 years of research and 8000+ published medical studies.

While X rays, ultrasound and mammography show us the structure of the body, they will miss such things as active inflammation and an increased blood supply found in many illnesses. The technology used in Thermal Imaging takes a picture and creates a map, or thermal fingerprint of the body. It is set apart from any other screening tool because it can help you to see how your body functions and can detect any dysfunction or disease at its earliest stage.

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Take Charge of Your Health and Your Recovery
Detect Disease and Injury BEFORE the Symptoms Appear

Some of the many benefits

Early Stage Disease Detection

Thermal Imaging can detect early stage disease in the body from diabetes to heart problems, strokes and cancer. It can also detect IBS, diverticulitis as well as immune system dysfunction, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

Breast Health Checks

This is a safe and simple test to determine the presence of inflammation in the breast which may indicate disease. Painless, non invasive and without any exposure to radiation, it should be used as part of an early detection program, alongside conventional checks, which gives women (and men) of all ages the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting breast disease at an early stage.

Sports Injuries

Thermograms are popular with athletes and professional sports people as they can be used to locate an as yet undetected injury or trauma site. The accuracy of the thermograms allow a physiotherapist or acupuncturist to pinpoint, monitor, evaluate and treat the problem.

Children Scans

Thermograms are very popular with parents who want a safer screening procedure without radiation exposure for their children.

Thermal Imaging is the perfect procedure for children who have unexplained pain along with people of all age groups with disabilities who may not be able to communicate their symptoms.

Unexplained Pain

Thermal Imaging is the ideal safe screening procedure. A thermogram works by detecting heat and temperature changes in the body. Heat and increased blood supply are often one of the precursors of pain and injury.  As such a thermogram can work where other diagnostic tools have failed to show the problem



Initial Breast Scan£210.00
Women Half Body and Breast£330.00
Men Half Body£230.00
Women Full Body and Breast£430.00
Men Full Body£330.00
3 Month Follow-Up Breast Scan£85.00

A deposit of £25.00 is required for any service over £100.00

The deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is made after 3.00pm of the day prior to your appointment.
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